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Problem retrieving $_GET inside of bp_settings_verify_email_change

  • michaeltransmissions


    When a user changes their own email address through their BP profile, it triggers function bp_settings_verify_email_change(). There is some king of bug or problem with this however: if ( isset( $_GET[‘verify_email_change’] ) ) {} returns false. Not only that, but if within this function I write the entire $_GET array to a log file, the array is empty. I also tried get_query_var(‘verify_email_change’) and this also returns nothing.

    What is going on – what am I missing? This should be something trivial. Is this a break/bug in the new version of BP? Is it possible to access the query string parameters within an action hook like this? (and if not, then the bp_settings_verify_email_change may be seriously broken). Does accessing the query string rely on another library or file I may be missing?

    I am using BP 2.1 on WP 4.0.

    Thanks in advance, as I am pulling my hair out.


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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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