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Problem uploading profile and cover photos

  • bonomonster


    I am using Buddypress with Oceanwp theme and Elementor and hosting it with Bluehost. Whenever I try to upload a profile or cover photo through buddypress I get an error message stating “exceeds the maximum upload size for this site”. I am able to take a photo and use that without issue. I have no problem uploading the same photo into the media library on the back end. Once the photo is loaded on the back end and deleted out of the media library buddypress will let me load that same photo as a profile or cover image, but still wont let me upload any other photos. I checked my hosting settings in my php.ini file and they are all good, I actually upped them from 32mb to 128mb just to see if that helped. Ive also deactivated all other plugins and ive uninstalled and reinstalled buddypress. Anyone else have any ideas?

    Also, I tried Ultimate Member in place of Buddypress and had no issues loading photos.

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