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Problem URL profiles

  • castresana


    I had a 2002 PHP Nuke that after a lot of conversions, the forums, users and news were migrated to WordPress and the forums to bbpress.
    I turned on buddypress and everything is going great except one thing: permalinks.

    New users are okay, and users that go to their profile and edit something or they jus press “update information” without editing anything also are okay.
    Their url is

    But when I go to an user’s profile that has not updated their profile and I click on their name anywhere in the website (bbpress forum or users list from buddypress for example) it goes straight to

    I’ve been checking for everything and couldn’t find the answer. I’m quite lost right now. All users have rights to post in the forum and navigate through the members area of website.

    Any ideas? Thanks!

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