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Problem with email adress as username?

  • wernerk


    Using wordpress 3.5.1 and Buddypress 1.7.2, I stumbled on to something weird with the use of an e-mail address as username.
    I can create the user (e.g. in WordPress/Buddypress, but when I try to add this new user to a Buddypress group, nothing happens.

    Did some tests, when I try to add another user without the @-character in the username at the same moment, that one is added without a problem.

    So the users and can be created, but only the latter will be added to the Buddypress group.

    In the past (with previous versions, using Buddypress since September last year, version 1.5.x), we always created new users with their e-mail account as user names and could add them without any problem to BP groups. No problem.

    It seems that this is no longer possible.
    Any one knows if this is intentional, or a bug?

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