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Problem with Language for plugin

  • Hello!

    I wrote a plugin and defined text just like the internacionalization docs says, using __(‘ and _e(‘ and defining a domain. Example: __(‘text’,’mydomain’)

    Ok, thats working fine, I also created a line like this:

    load_textdomain( ‘mydomain’, ABSPATH . ‘wp-content/mu-plugins/bp-languages/myplugin-‘ . get_locale() . ‘.mo’ );

    And the .mo file is also created and located into the bp-languages folder.

    I call this line in the initialization file for my plugin (located in mu-plugins), but the translation is not happening. What else should I do?

    It should be already working, dont you think?

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  • hackcafejapan


    Multilingual plugin needed yesterday!!! This is 2010 almost 2011 I can’t believe there is no multilanguage plugin for buddypress every other aspect works with wpml + wpmu

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