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Problem With Pages

  • mythusmage


    I set up a page—Alfred Station—under which the five BP pages I was asked to establish were set. Thing is, the “Registration” and “Activation” pages don’t show up under “Alfred Station” either in the primary menu, or in the sidebar widget. What’s going on here?

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  • danbp



    BP pages are not ordinary WP pages. BP use the page system to assign a permanent slug, while content stays dynamic. Usual WP pages are static.

    BP pages must be unique. This means also without assigned template, model and of course, should be a slug to a page, and not a sub-page. These page are not intended to be published and exist only for internal use. You don’t need to build a menu for register and activation. Normally, these items come up, depending the context (theme, plugins, widgets) and/or the user status.

    Related to “activation” and “register” and most of BP components, you need to declare a “page” for each, despite the fact that BP will only use them to insert a template. Registration will receive xprofile fields which are added to the existing WP registration form.
    And another template for the Activation stuff, depending the context: activation key, success message and so on.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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