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Problem with user registrations

  • chrisf4s


    Hello people,

    This is my first ever post and would be happy for a little help if possible? (please bare with me as I’m new to building websites)

    I recently changed my site into a multisite and ever since had a problem when users register. I have 3 dashboards – network admin and then one each for the sites.
    When users register they no longer receive an automated email to activate their account and admin no longer receives an email to advise a new user has registered. They show in network admin ‘users’ but don’t show in either of the sites. The only way for me to know if there is a new user is for me to check the ‘pending’ in network admin – users.
    I’m not 100% sure that this is since the multisite was added but I think it is. How can I get my site back to how members registered before (activation email/admin notification email/)

    My site is
    Using – wordpress 4.3.3
    Boss 1.1.9 theme

    Please advise if I have missed any info

    Thanks in advance

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