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[R]Problems on post comment's notification n activity loop in buddypress 2.0 RC1

  • marcusyong


    Very amazing we find the 2.0 rc1 ‘s launching. there three question on new version:
    1, Problems on post comment’s notification, when we comment on a post or a post’s comment, it create a comment_activity replying to the new_blog_post activity(item_id) and activity_comment(secondary_item_id), it essentially need to create a notification to the author whom it replying;

    2, Problems on main activity-steam loop. in previous version, when a comment creates under a post, it create a new_blog_comment,and this activity can appears in main activity loop. but at present, when leaving a comment under a post, it only create a activity_comment under the new_blog_post activity, don’t appears in main activity-loop. it’s really not good!

    3, Problems about the comment_activity formation, in previous version when leaving a comment, it create a new_blog_comment activity which include the original post title and url. at present version, the comment_activity don’t bring above information, I think it not a good method.

    in the end, great thanks for the buddypress 2.0 bring me very amazing function!

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  • r-a-y


    1. This is not a bug. We have never supported screen notifications for activity comments in core. There is already a ticket for this –

    2. The main activity directory doesn’t show activity comments as separate entries by default because it will clutter up the stream. This is intentional, but since people will be using activity comments more, this might be a good time to revisit this.

    Here’s a quick plugin to force the activity stream to always show activity comments as separate entries:

    3. Good idea. Will add an enhancement ticket for this for v2.1.



    @r-a-y : very very thanks for your answer. quick pluging to force the activity stream does great. Now I hope 2.1 version with function such as notification in coming soon. Best regards, Marcus



    and it even says “View Conversation” which is a beautiful way to engage the user community 🙂

    it is SOOOO much better with this plugin activated.

    i think it makes sense to give site managers control over what appears in the activity stream. simple on/off.

    …at least for one of the communities i run, this plugin finally makes the place “make sense,” if you know what i mean. instead of a goofy online community w software that doesn’t really work — it’s turned into a place that functions well enough that people can actually use the website and engage with each other.

    thank you sincerely for making this plugin @r-a-y, i really mean it from the heart.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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