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Problems with groups Admin in bp 7.1

  • TimCarey


    I installed buddypress 7.1 Yesterday I’ve been having trouble with the groups admin page were you can see all your groups on your site and bulk delete.

    First of all, when I check any number of groups to delete (Even all on the page ) and then choose delete and apply from the bottom of the page nothing happens (Basically the page reloads) But when I do it from the top delete and apply it goes fine to the screen that gives you the choice to abort the deletion or not.

    Second, under screen options, show on screen, things that I said not to show are not permanently set. For instance, I choose not to show description the discussion will disappear from the table . Now if I do any action the reloads the page like apply or deleting something or reload. The settings seem to be saved on the hide menu, but it isn’t reflected in the display table of groups. (This seems to be That when reload occurs the table isn’t looking at any saved variables . The changes only occur on the table if a checkmark is changed.

    third, I don’t see the able to choose more than 20 Groups at a time. I was able to Display 5 and 10 Groups at a time. This is despite the fact that I can set higher number of groups than 20.


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