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Problems with private messages

  • stranamorte


    I’m trying to fix a problem with jetpack support about comments not appearing and publicize feature not working (apparently a wp_importing constant is set and we don’t know why, we’re still tracking this).
    When trying to fix that problem, I encountered a problem with buddypress.
    When I tried to send a PM, I go the error “Message was not sent. Please try again.”.
    I then deactivated and reactivated the PM module on BP and now I can send and receive messages again, but I noticed that my messages are sent to random users, other than the one I selected.
    I use WP 4.7.3 and BP 2.8.2, I don’t know exactly when this feature stopped working because I was brought to my attention only recently.. My theme is Divi and my host is AlterVista. My website runs on Linux and PHP 5.6. If other info is required please let me know. Please help me because this is really annoying for me an my users.
    My website is
    Thanks in advance.

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