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Problems with translate in just one page

  • Eduard_o


    Hello, thats my first post here ( i dont speak english, soo sorry about any error)
    well, i need my website all in portuguese, then, i’m using the last version of wordpress and buddypress.
    I find just a phrase not translated
    “Conversation between you e usernameofanother. ( ‘e’ is ‘and’ in portuguese)
    in this link:

    then i downloaded poedit and see has a diferente thing with original files, i make the correction ( put the same thing and works good), then the problem is, the “YOU” and this “e”, i cant see that in translation .mo .po ( then i have no ideia what i have to do to fix) ( sorry about paint.exe ) 😀

    i hope you guys are understand, and can help-me.
    thanks for your time.

    i delete my boddypress and install again, have the same error.

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