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Problems with umlauts

  • karlheinz01



    i have installed Buddypress the bbPress Forum. Both are the latests builds. If i write in bbPress direct, i can use öäüß and the forum shows them. The look also ok in buddypress.

    If i writhe öäüß into an Buddypress Group forum, i get somthing like that ߠքܼ/p>. In bbPres it looks like that aus /amp/auml;/amp/ouml;/amp/uuml;/amp/szlig; /amp/Ouml;/amp/Auml;/amp/Uuml;

    In both configs WPMU und bbPress is utf8 defined

    Any hint how to solve the problem? It seems to be a problem of the filtering funktion in the buddypress forum plugin.



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  • Hello,

    i still have the same problem with umlauts.





    We have the same problems with Sámi characters: ŽžčČáÁŠŠđĐŋŊŧŦ

    The problem occurs in wires and member theme fields. The procedure for carrying the utf-8 characters to the database seems to be wrong. All characters are replaced with ‘?’ indicating that the fields do not handle utf-8 characters. Since the texts then get stored without correct characters in the database, all texts has to be re-entered to be corrected when the problem is fixed.

    I think this is an extremly serious fault in Buddypress so far, and excludes us needing the utf-8 characters to use BP.

    John James Jacoby


    Well this is bizarre. Let me join the fray and see if I can track anything down today about this. I haven’t had any need for this yet, but I have two projects coming up that will require localization.

    I think I know where to look, but I might not have time until this evening.



    JJJ: Let me know if you need any more feedback. I’m too overworked right now to be able to muck about with actual code but I’m more than happy to help out with any testing.

    Burt Adsit


    I’m revisiting this issue again. Hello everybody. It seems that php 4.x has problems in the area we are discussing. Specificly with the exact functions that are used to encode and decode data between bp and bbpress. martinnr5 suggested this and it seems to be true.

    The solution is to upgrade to php 5.x

    What versions of php is everyone running?

Viewing 5 replies - 26 through 30 (of 30 total)
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