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Problems with xprofile field visibilty on 2.7.0

  • Jason


    Looks like the update introduced some bugs with Extended Profile fields, visibility defaults, and registration page that were previously working. Either that, or something did not update correctly.

    I was just showing my neighbor the new site for our community, and the registration page was working fine. Then, I was showing her plugins when I noticed there was an update available for Buddypress (I just installed it a few days ago). So, I hit update. New version says 2.7.0. BUT, we go back to registration page so she can try it out… several problems now exist.

    1) yellow buttons to “Change” field visibility are all gone on registration page. Default value allows users to make changes to the visibility. Visitors cannot change visibility on registration page anymore after update.

    2) Date field got reset somehow with only 2016 and no other years. I was able to reset it by picking year range, but it should not get reset when updating plugin.

    3) Extended profile fields do not respect master default value. For instance, I have “Only Me” set by default for many fields, but once a new user registers these profile fields are publicly viewable by everyone. User is able to go in and change them, but they should respect the default setting as before.


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Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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