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Process for adding users to group

  • rhj4


    I am offering a class that includes a forum for all participants.

    I am using Event Espresso to register participants. EE creates a user but doesn’t assign a password.
    I have created corresponding Forums and Groups but I am a bit stuck on the process for adding users to a group. Can I do this directly as admin or do I have to invite everybody individually?

    Ideally, EE adding a participant would add that user to the corresponding group and forum. As a fall back, I want to be able to add each participant as a group member myself, but cannot see how to do this.

    My site is ConneXions.World
    WP Ver:4.7.3
    BP Ver: 2.8.2

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  • danbp



    as site admin, you can easily add new members to a BuddyPress group.

    • Go to dashboard > Groups
    • Choose the group where you want to add a member and click on Edit button underneath the group name.
    • On the group admin page, you’ll see a textarea marked as Add New Members
    • Enter the username and save!

    And voila. 😉



    OK, I can add users to a group. Thanks for that. But now I am very confused about the process.

    I am using Buddy Press and bbPress and perhaps I shouldn’t be using both, but I need some guidance here.

    Having added members to a group, I go to the forum and click on Members and I see a list of members with an “Add Friend” or “Cancel Friendship Request” next to each member. I have clicked on Add Friend and some (but not all) of the members I added as a friend got an email that said “Bob Jones wants to add you as a friend… click here.” When the “friend” clicked the link, he gets and error message: “There was a problem accepting that request. Please try again.”

    So I am stuck here. I cannot get people into the group and the process seems to require way too many steps… create WP user, invite friend… wait for acceptance (which doesn’t work)… invite to join group… wait some more… TOO MANY STEPS. How do I make this SIMPLE?



    Ok, I have worked it out I think. I was trying it while still logged in on my main account and when I tested against a dummy account that I had invited, I got the email but when I go to accept I got the message. It was because I was still logged in on the account sending the invite. You need to log out then sign back in to the dummy account then accept and it goes through.



    I tried and I got a message member not added.

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