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Profile Avatar does not crop properly please help

  • rockydude



    I have tried this buddypress plugin on 2 different sites and both of them giving me the same problem.

    I am not able to upload my own Avatar properly, after i uploaded it, it asks me to crop the image, but please see what happen when i select the dimension to crop here

    can someone help me with this?


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  • Matt McFarland


    I am having the same issue. intuition tells me this is a JS issue. Currently tested on Chrome.

    Have left this issue (forgot about it) until I read this.

    Here’s a few troubleshooting things you could try:

    First the mundane things that should always be done when something isnt working right (lol):

    0. Try in all browsers – see if this is a browser issue or not, clear cache etc
    1. Try using buddypress default theme, see if it stops there then you know its something to do with your theme. (then we go from there)
    2. If still having the problem, try without all other plugins disabled – if it works now then you know it has something to do with a plugin.

    Haven’t really dug into this (too many other irons in the fire!!) but am curious about it, hope you get it resolved and will follow this thread.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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