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Profile blogs created but not listed

  • carinallc


    Relatively new BP install, working smoothly – Several user accounts have been created, as well as the “admin” blog and a user blog.

    A new user account was created this morning, and that user created a new blog (I got the email notification for both). I can go to the blog directly by typing in the URL or clicking on the link in the email notification.

    However, the blog doesn’t show up in the Blogs list. Nor do the entries show up in any activity stream or recent posts.

    Any ideas? Thank you.

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  • carinallc


    Nevermind – the blog’s Privacy Setting was blank.



    I had this same problem. It’s a problem, because the average member will have no clue what’s going on and will start emailing about it.

    The directory search says this if it can’t find a blog:

    Blogs must fill in at least one piece of profile data to show in blog lists.

    How are blogs supposed to do that? What profile data?

    “I had already edited the profile data and it still didn’t show up” -> you also have to change the privacy setting that only mentions search engine, not listing on the system itself.

    This process needs work. :-(

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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