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Profile cover image upload button not showing up

  • sixthgalaxy


    Dear Buddypress,

    I have followed the instructions given in this link, in order to allow the members to upload cover image.I can see the change cover image link and the following texts, but does not see the upload button.
    “<Change Cover Image
    Your Cover Image will be used to customize the header of your profile.”

    So far, I have done the followings:
    1. registered the cover image in the functions.php file.
    2. updated the members/single/home.php and members/single/profile.php files.
    3. Made sure “cover image upload” option is enabled in the buddypress settings.

    Can you please let me know what else I need to do to show up the cover image upload button?

    Thank you.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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