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Profile edit and private message view links are not working

  • minminloveislonely


    Upgraded to 1.6.1. Have some problems. When I click on buddypress directories and / or “single” member’s profile etc. it returns infinite redirect loop error.

    So I tried to delete the child theme files, and in this way, I assume system will look for the files in default theme, then it works mostly.

    However, there’s one link still not working, that is the edit profile link for each member. And it returns to error page like this: ​http://members/1 (“1” is apparently the user id) So it returns the url with user id instead of user name.

    I use the default edit.php in default theme. Suppose it’s not the issue of my child theme then.
    I need help otherwise members cannot edit their profiles. Why does the script look for user id instead of user name and why doesn’t the url contain domain but only the directory name?


    All members profile edit link goes to ​http://members/1 actually. It looks like the domain is omitted and it cannot get members’ user names.

    /messages/view/(message id number) also goes to http://members/(number)

    I’m told “You’re likely using a _get_ function in place of something that should be echo’ing.”

    I cannot understand. I said I deleted child theme files, so which child theme file is it referred to?

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