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Profile field group issues

  • Alrighty, I have a few problems/questions.

    First, I made ten additional field groups, to act as sub-profiles for the members of a family. They have basic fields such as Name, Age, etc. However, every time I fill out a sub-profile, the value of the ‘Name’ field takes the place of the actual member’s name. For example, the name the member signs up with is Smith Family. The daughter fills out her profile field group, and her name replaces ‘Smith Family’ on the members list. Any idea what causes this, and how I can stop it from happening?

    Also, various words in the profiles become links, such as the person’s age, interests, and state of residence. These links have very little purpose, as far as I can tell, and they are very distracting when they appear in such fields as ‘About me’. How would I stop this linkage from happening?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Quint


    Hhhhm @tnd, not sure what your goal is. Based on my interpretation of what your trying to accomplish, I would do this instead. Create a Smith Family group, and add Smith family members to the Group. You could set permissions on it to “hidden”: that is, the admin gives permission to those who want to join AND the group is listed in the group directory; or, “private”, where the previous applies except, no one sees it (not listed in the group directory, but only seen by Smith group members as part of their profile).

    That way, in XProfile, you could be specific about defining the role (through a field group), that a Smith Family group member would choose to complete, and that info is what would be displayed when Public is selected.

    The “name” issue that you mentioned… if by filling out “Name”, you’re referring to the “Name” in the “Base”, then every time that’s changed, that logged in member’s profile name will change. If you actually added a field called “name” to a field group and when editing the profile, specifically, that field group’s field called “name” and by doing so, somehow changes the “Base” field “name” content, then I have no idea how to help. That shouldn’t happen.

    Thank you very much for the prompt reply! I think I understand what you’re getting at; each family member would sign up with their own account, and become a member of the group, correct?

    However, there are a few reasons why that would complicate matters: for one thing, my site will have paid memberships, so it would be preferable if a single family could use one membership. Also, I had planned on members being able to create sub-profiles for their pets.

    I believe I have fixed the ‘Name’ problem by simply changing the field names. Thank you for the help, @qrahaman! It’s greatly appreciated!

    So now my only problem is the links…



    @tnd, you’re welcome. Actually, the links are one of the most “awesome” features of Buddypress. Let’s say that one of your family member’s plays the violin, where Buddypress has applied a “link” for “violin”. Guess what happens when that link is clicked? Buddypress searches your entire community for members who have that attribute and lists them for further perusal, friendship building, etc. It’s a “community” building feature. Saying that, there’s a way to tell Buddypress not to establish a link for a particular word/element, etc. For example, a phone number would be a silly element to have a link for, right?

    Since I’m new to all of this, I cannot remember what the tags/punctuation is that one would surround the word with that you wouldn’t want Buddypress to provide a link for.


    Ah, so there is such a function. Haha, I do see the appeal and usefulness, but in this case it’s linking some rather…odd words. I’ll look around and see what I can find.

    Thank you again, you’ve been a great help!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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