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Profile Field Searchable Regardless of Visibility Setting?

  • ladama


    Hello! I’m trying to get a buddypress going and have a question about profile fields. So, in the Profile Fields we can choose let members set the visibility of certain fields. However when I’m testing out searches, I’m finding that member profiles are still coming up when I search for terms that I know are in hidden or limited fields.

    For Example: I have a location field that members are allowed to set the visibility of. I edited my admin profile so that it says I’m in Boston and set it so that only I can see this info. (autolink is also disabled)

    When I view the admin profile as a logged out user or as my logged into Participant account, Boston is not listen anywhere. But, when I got to “Members” and search for the term “Boston”, that admin profile pops up as a result despite that field being set to “only me”. The Location is still not visible when I (as a logged out or logged in participant) actually view the profile, but I feel like something set to “only me” shouldn’t be coming up in search results at all!

    Is there a way to set it so that these terms in these hidden or partially hidden DON’T come up in general or all members search results? Or is there a plug in that can handle this?

    (apologies if this as been asked and answered somewhere I ran a few topic and plug0in searched but didn’t find anything.)

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