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  • johnrobertsonsquid



    I’m using KLEO Theme and I have the latest version of buddypress. The Profile Fields though provides 2 required fields out of the box and both are named as NAME it seems like a duplicate and I don’t want it and I can’t delete it. How can I remove the duplicate?

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  • danbp


    It’s not a duplicate, but how it works.
    On the left, you have the WP field for “username”, on the right BP’s mandatory field “name”. Both are used for registering a new user. WP’s username field accept only lower case alphanumerics without space. Mostly used to enter a pseudonym. BP’s field accept uppercase and space or even carets, wich allows to enter first and last name for example.

    Note that you’re not obligated to enter a first and last name. If you rename Name to City or Gender, a user must enter a city name or his gender. Eg. username: johnrobertsonquid | city: Los Angeles or username: johnrobertsonquid | gender: male

    But whatever the field may contain, it cannot be removed.

    About xprofile fields:

    User Extended Profiles

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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