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profile form field values

  • shanebp


    Probably too late for 1.3, which I eagerly await, but here’s something I’d love to see…

    The ability to create profile fields that do not use the same value for both the option and the displayed text.
    For example, a select box could have: option value=100> Grey option
    Instead of option value=Grey > Grey option

    Not being able to do that has created all sorts of problems related to search, especially when doing a range search.
    I’ve had to make some awful hacks in several places.

    It would require an extra db field – not a big deal.
    And the admin panel could have a button that says duplicate or use same value for those cases where it doesn’t matter.

    Also – why are the values for the ‘first page’ of profile fields serialized? Performance?
    And not the others?
    If you want to change those form types – you can’t because it screws up the profiles of existing users.
    For example: They want the same values but as checkboxes instead of a dropdown.

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