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Profile Groups – How to delete?

  • BeingPixels



    Here is my site:

    Just some quick background – I created my site via godaddy.

    I am just getting it set up and noticed under my “users” section there is a “profile fields” area. Now due to my inexperience, I clicked it thinking this was where I could add something more along the lines of a unique role for my community I hope to create – so I could create a moderator like role, but with a unique name to fit my site.

    But alas, that was not the case so now I have a mandatory profile field in my sign up that I don’t want there. The only option I have is edit, which only gives me an option to change the name and description of the field, but not get rid of it completely. Now I feel like I have broken my sites registration.

    Any help would be amazing on how to get rid of this field!


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