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Profile links suddenly stopped working and redirecting to home page

  • chouxpastry2002


    Hi guys,

    I have been developing a social community portal for myself and my friends. Everything was working perfectly till yesterday. But suddenly something went wrong and profile link, Edit link, change avtar link stopped working. They all started redirecting to home page.

    I have added some custom fields to registration and changed base profile group name. I am not sure what else would be causing this error. I am using latest version of wordpress and was using olde version of buddypress but after this problem there was a suggestion about upgrading buddypress. I did so still the problem persists.

    Please guide me what could be the problem. I have searched through the forum but i havent found any solution for this problem as such.


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  • chouxpastry2002


    THak god i had backup of 3 days before so that i could restored my site. It was caused by some plugin. I have no idea why. If i got to know which one i will surely let you guys know about it.

    Avi M


    Same thing happened to me a while ago. I think it had something to with changes to BP and my use of a nonupdated version of my theme.



    What is it that you use to backup and restore your BP?



    I use the cpanel full directory/site backup… when something get’s toasted… I restore completely…




    I don’t think this is a plugin issue. I have every plugin disabled except Buddypress, and I’m still having this issue. I’m going to replace the BP-default theme folder with an older version, and see what happens.



    Was there a fix for this, My profile links dropped about 6 weeks ago. I’ve tried every possible php code this little community has provided with no such luck? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

    I’m very new to Buddypress and to WordPress. I’m having a similar difficulty with profiles, groups, forums etc… links all redirecting back to the homepage. I had just loaded the great Suffusion theme, which i love, but will now try to go back to default to see if i can trace the problem. I would welcome any ideas.

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Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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