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Profile of different user displayed on homepage

  • wappiez



    So, from the beginning there is a strange issue that comes to the forefront when using cache. And since using cache is essential, there seems to be a real issue in Buddypress somewhere.

    Because when we fully activate Litecache, a profile of a different user is displayed on the homepage. But when you click on it, you’re unable to change the settings and the user changes to your own profile. So, it doesn’t look like you’re logged in as that user, it only displays it’s name and the profile picture on certain pages.

    This also happened with Nitropack cache, just not that often.

    Another strange thing, which could be related, is that when posting a public message, a notification is sent to the user, but the name it was sent from is different. So, when my name is James, it will state the message was sent by John.

    These issues could be related? I’m not sure. Do you know where the issue might come from?


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