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Profile Page Layout

  • metalhead


    My theme (Graphene) allows me to select a “Page Layout” for all my pages. In this case, Page Layout means 1 full-width column, 2 columns with sidebar on left, or 2 columns with sidebar on right.

    This system works great for all the BP pages except for member profile pages. BP member profile pages are always displayed in full width, and never with sidebars.

    I realize that the member profile page isn’t actually a page, but a bunch of data extracted from member-header.php. Therefore, my theme doesn’t give me any Page Layout options for BP profile page, and I’m scrambling for a way to display sidebars/widgets with the profile “page.”

    My thinking is that I will need to inject sidebar/widget code into my child theme’s member-header.php. Does that sound accurate?

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  • r-a-y


    You’ll want to look at our template hierarchy codex page:

    Then, you could customize the layout of your member profile pages by adding a sidebar or whatever only on member profile pages.




    Based on that info, I decided I need to add an index.php to my /single/ folder. I created the file, but I’m not sure what to put in it.

    Can you give me an example of what I can do? Or link me to a page with further explanation? I tried googling “custom buddypress template,” but I don’t even know if my search query is correct.

    I’m ready to hire a dev for this, but how will I explain to them what I need done? Something like this:

    “I use Buddypress, and I need a custom template for my member pages. I need you to customize my index.php file located in my /single/ directory, so that it will display specific widgets in 2 or 3 column mode.”

    I tried asking a dev about that already, but he doesn’t know what I’m talking about. Is there a better way to describe it?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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