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Profile Pic upload failure

  • AdventureRidingNZ


    Hi folks, hoping someone can help me

    I’m running the latest versions of WP/BBPress/Buddypress on my site but my members can’t update their profile pic through the Change Profile Photo option in their profile.

    The Profile Pic upload box appears and the new profile pic can be browsed to and selected.
    On submission the progress bar moves through the complete cycle and when it reaches the end of the scale an error is presented “An error occurred. Please try again later.” in Firefox or IE or “HTTP error.” in Chrome, and the users Profile Pic is not updated

    The Profile picture is uploaded to the server in the uploads directory and a 400×300 pixel version is also created, so for example the profile pic selected for upload was DR_500_Sidecar.jpg and after the upload attempt I have the below 2 files on the server

    This is what I see in the logs.

    [12/Aug/2015:13:03:19 +1200] “GET /wp-content/uploads/DR_500_Sidecar-400×300.jpg HTTP/1.1” 200 47765 “” “Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/44.0.2403.130 Safari/537.36”

    Attaching images to BBPress forum posts and inserting images on WP Pages both work fine.

    Can any advise me on what the issue may be, or things to look at?

    Thanks in advance


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  • danbp



    i’m not familiar with bp-attachment yet, so sorry in advance.
    First, I would check that BP is installed and setup correctly and test it with Twenty something theme, and all other plugins deactivated.

    An error occurred. Please try again later. is only used in one place: bp-core/bp-core-attachment.php
    This error is related to bp_attachments_get_plupload_default_settings function, which controls some default settings to get plupload to work on your install.

    Read through it to see what is checked by this function, and maybe you will have an idea of which plugin or theme is messing up the upload process. It’s probably nothing important (pictures are uploaded), but you see that message, which is weird, of course. A little js conflict perhaps. Or a plugin with some bad code or not correctly updated…

    The other reason i tell you to re-check BP settings, is this URL to a profile.
    Can you explain why you use /members/members-2/ and how you built it ?

    Usually, a profile URL looks like this: `
    As the attachment API use js, it is possible that the uploader doesn’t find the correct way to end the upload, or something like that, due to this URL.

    Headlights call from a Guzzi. 😉



    Thanks for that. I’ve tried it under Twenty Twelve with the same result but not with all other plugins deactivated yet as there’s a lot of them.

    The profile path just happened like that when I installed BuddyPress. I was running WP and BBPress for a while and the members URL was /members/username. When I installed BuddyPress later it changed to /members/members-2/username as part of the BP install. I didn’t actively do anything to make it like that and thought that much have been standard.



    I was running WP and BBPress… and user where handled as forum user by bbPress. Now you use BP and bbpress aside.
    Deactivate bbpress and make sure you have only one member page (and no one in trash too). Sync BP profiles with WP – all this can be done in BP settings. Check that all is working correctly, then reactivate bbPress.

    Now if it still doesn’t work, sorry for you, but there is no result without effort. You have an issue and we’re trying to debug it.

    I presume you have no local install where you could test previously from prod site ?

    Keep Twenty Twelve active and deactivate all plugins, as the issue may come from a js conflict which we have to isolate at first.

    If you use some mu-plugin or custom functions in bp-custom.php, think to remove them temporary.



    I found the members-2 thing, it’s due to my site structure. I have members area page which is an intro area under which I have various restricted access pages for members, including the members list.

    I’ll get onto trying it out with Twentytwelve and no plugins, I might have to set up a local WAMP install and figure that out from there.



    Oh your using WPMU Dev? I use paid membership pro



    I’ve found it.

    The BBPress plugin ‘Forum Restrict’ conflicts with BuddyPress Profile pic uploads. If you install ‘Forum Restrict’ it will break BuddyPress profile picture uploads.




    I also faced the same error, showing HTTP error while upload avatar on buddypress profile.
    On my site also have bbpress and BuddyPress plugins.
    In my site don’t have BBPress plugin ‘Forum Restrict’.
    Can you advice how I would resolve this issue.



    I had this issue. Solved it by disabling the Contact Form Builder plugin, which sucks. I need that.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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