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Profile: Rearrange and Preview

  • jodyw1


    Okay, these are by no means mission critical. As I just got done adding these profile fields, I thought about this and decided to throw it out there.

    1) It would be great to be able to move any new filed we add to a profile up and down -within- a group and -between- groups. Say if I add a “favorite color” to Group A, but decide I want it before “favorite super hero” I’d love to be able to move it. Or if I decide that the “favorite color” field works better in Group B, I’d live to move that too.

    And if I could change the order of Group A and B, etc, that would be nice too.

    2) Just like you can preview themes, it would be nifty to be able to preview how the Profile page would look with all the new fields and groupings added it. Click a button and see the profile page with all those fields displayed in context.

    3) Related to that, if a member of the site can change the order of how things are displayed on their profile, that would be cool tool.

    None of the above are super important. Just throwing out some ideas.

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  • Absolutely agree with point #1 – ability to order fields and move between groups would be a nice usability feature.

    +1 too.

    I would say it is more than a nice to have.



    Essential as you never get it right first time and once you launch – even with beta testing, you don’t want to be starting again and asking everyone to fill in their data all over again. Already done that once with RC1…!

    Any progress on this? Andy said it was going to be high priority once v1 was out – now we’re on 1.01, is it available in the new version?


    Jeff Sayre


    This has not yet been implemented. As this thread has not seen any activity for 4 months, I would suggest searching the trac and see if it was ever added as a feature request / enhancement ticket. If not, you can add it yourself!

    You login to trac using your credentials.

    As a side note, the reordering of groups would need to exclude the first field group as it is the grouping of fields that appear on the signup page.

    Jeff Sayre


    Okay, locking this thread as the answer can now be found here.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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