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Profile Set Up & Functions

  • onfleekresources


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    This is three questions in one, looking for 1-3 plugins that work together to accomplish these things? I can insert code if I’m told exactly how/where to put it, but I’m very much not a coder so I’d prefer to use plugins if I can. lol

    1. Can I have multiple Users assigned to one profile (like a business, the owner and an admin person). For example a Business owner sets up a business profile but allows the manager or supervisor access to post jobs or advertising through it?

    2. Can I create two different profiles (that have different profile fields upon registration) like a person vs a business under the same site?

    3. Can there be profile parents like if a company has 3 locations – a main company profile and 3 child profiles – one for each location so the managers can logon and manage their own accounts with job ads and advertising? And the parent can do the same for the headquarters?

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  • Varun Dubey


    @onfleekresources profile is associated with the user itself, you can not assign admin, manager, or supervisor to it. In alternative ways, you can use a CPT to display business, and you can assign various roles to edit/manage it.
    For user categorization, you can use member type approach.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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