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Profile Sets with Permissions and Content Filters

  • Matt Edminster


    There has been some talk about finding a way to create lists of users that be used to organize the buddypress directory.

    In my case, I’m using buddypress to create a combined intranet and socialweb for our non-profit organization. I have been looking for a way to assign members to various lists within the organization in order to set them apart from network partners, supporters and fans and to assign permissions and filter content in a way that paralells but doesn’t overwrite their wp permissions.

    I’ve cobbled together a temporary solution using the BuddyPress xProfiles ACL plugin but I’m hoping somebody out there can make something a little more robust. What I do is create an extended profile field or fields and group them apart from the default fields. The plugin now allows me to make these profiles editable by only certain user-roles. In my case, I set them to admin only. In this way, I can manually add filters to my directory to list only members I’ve identified with a particular field.

    Now, what I think would be really great is a plugin that takes this a bit further in these ways:
    1. Allows individual xprofile fields to be set as admin-write-only (no need to group them)
    2. Automatically creates a role for admin-only fields so that permissions can be granted
    3. Gives the option to create filters for the activity stream and members components

    Conceptually it seems like it ought to be possible. Wondering if any of the bp gurus out there can give feedback on whether this would work with bp code? Would anyone be interested in taking this on? I’d be willing to front some seed money.

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