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  • Devilish Concept


    Im glad to see buddypress developers starting to take more of a interest in this project again, but i fear as it has been so long the plugin developers no longer have interest, im always finding problems with buddypress and i know the developers are starting to take notice but i wish the plugin guys would too.

    a few plugins ive came across which would be awesome but havnt been updated in that long they no longer work correctly:
    – Bp Albums
    – BP Groups Plus
    – Bp Wires
    – BP Extras

    i dont mean to bitch because i know how hard this stuff is i spent a week trying to code a simple post share plugin the other week an epicly failed, all im saying is couldn’t other active developers take over on plugins if they have been neglected for so long?

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  • Tammie Lister


    It’s pretty much a case by case basis for individual developers – life happens, sometimes keeping a plugin up for free doesn’t work out. Adopting plugins is something that fairly often happens so I wouldn’t rule that out. One of the ways to make sure your favourite / useful plugin though gets updated and the developer is able to keep running with it, is to donate if there is the option to for that developer. They are in many cases doing it free.

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