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Project management plugin/ groups mod

  • neuromancer2701


    I finally got bp up and running yesterday, no forums yet though( I need to upgrade to wpmu trunk before installing bbpress right?) but my idea for this site is to have a collaborative project management social network in the vein of with the collaborative nature of comicspace. I think that bp fits most of the needs, I just need to add some features.

    The best way I can think of doing this is to mod the Groups component so that it becomes My Project(s).

    Users create a project, give an description, can update their status and invite others to work on it. The two big issues are task management and file storage for schematics and CAD drawings(I am going to suggest using google code for code management but svn plugin would be great in the end) The forums could be an ad hoc task manager but it would cool to have something more organized.

    I am an EE and have not experience with php(mostly embedded C99) where should I start? How easy is it going to be just to change the name of Groups to Projects?

    Any ideas would be great.

    thanks guys

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  • Its been so long to your post , but I wonder where have you reached with your idea.
    I am looking for something similar, but not just replacing the name from group to project. Can there be any drawing tool, so that we can just draw and share.?

    anyways if somebody come across again,this plugin can be helpful :

    for sharing documents inside a group.




    Both of these problems are mostly solved! Yay!

    Use Pivotal Tracker for managing BP-Media. Its *free*, its *awesome* and has a rich, well-documented API for creating integrations with other apps (of which there are at least thirty posted). But for for “enterprise level” projects, Pivotal isn’t “quite* enough, and we might be scraping together money and giving The Atlassian Suite (JIRA , Confluence, Studio) a try in the near future …because they have such nice integration.

    Overall start with the simple, free aps, and migrate to the more sophisticated suites as you develop your skills.B)


    Use BuddyPress Media for file handling. The new content modules in 0.1.9 can be adapted to handle anything from ORTEL schematics to SolidWorks Models.



Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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