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Purging the Activity Database

  • embergermedia


    I know it is not the best idea, but in the interest of time I decided to customize my BP theme on an active, tho not live, site. We are launching in 2 weeks, and I have an issue that I am hoping to get some help with.

    We have a blog on the front end that will have data protected by S2 Member. We are not allowing blog creation by our members, though. We have an employee working remotely on entering the blog posts as drafts on another word press site. I just downloaded that sites DB and imported it to my site. I published about 5 dozen of the posts, and just found that Buddy Press has listed all of them in the activity stream.

    Not realizing this would happen I did some research after the fact, and found a few ways to block blog posts from the stream. But I am left with the posts that are already there.

    How can I purge these? I don’t even mind if I need to rebuild/recreate the Activity Database, as we have no members yet. I just need to get this fixed before launch.

    Thanks for the help!


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  • embergermedia


    I just installed the activity block plug-in and blocked blog content. I then went back and made all posts drafts.

    It appears that this data was removed from the activity stream.

    Can someone please confirm that this is the normal action? Or do I need to look else where to delete all references to these posts?


    edit: I just tried re-publishing One post to test that the plug-in did it’s job, it appears it did.

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