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Put “delete” button on single message page

  • Does anyone have a quick way to put a delete button on a single message page? I was monkeying with bp_message_thread_delete_link() and bp_get_message_thread_delete_link() but I think both of those assume you’re on the message index.

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  • Steven Word


    I’m looking for this same information. Did you figure this out?

    I noticed a call to `bp_message_thread_id()` also returns empty regardless of its placement inside or outside of the loop.

    @Ahjira @stevenkword
    As Suzanne mentioned, the `bp_message_thread_delete_link()` functions are only for the message index. On single message pages, the `$thread_template` global is used in place of the `$messages_template` global, and the usable template tags all begin with `bp_the_thread_` instead of `bp_message_thread_`. While there is no `bp_the_thread_delete_link()` function, it’s pretty easy to just directly add the code from the `bp_get_message_thread_delete_link()` function with appropriate substitutions.

    First, at the top of the members/single/messages/single.php template file, add this line:

    Then, wherever you want to add a delete link, add something like the following:
    `<a href="loggedin_user->domain . $bp->messages->slug . ‘/inbox/delete/’ . $thread_template->thread->thread_id, ‘messages_delete_thread’ ) ); ?>” title=”Delete this message” class=”button”>Delete`

    the “ code block above contains the adapted version of the `bp_message_thread_delete_link()` function.



    I realize this is a really old thread, but it appears there is code missing.

    I’m trying to add a delete button to a message reply…




    please open a new topic. This tread is old and defect anyway.

    Topic is now closed.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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