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Question about Hosting?

  • Josh81S


    The hosting I have right now is with, the Professional Hosting with 100 GB RAID Protected.. I haven’t really that much of a clue about hosting I would need to make a social networking site with buddypress. I’d initially kinda know I’ll probly have to upgrade but idk if I need to from the get go, or later when I start getting more hits to my site. I’ll like to start playing around and build the site to get a hands on feel of how I want it. I kinda have a list of things I wanna incorporate into the site.
    *Buddypress Social
    *Buddypress giftbar – or feeligo
    *Captain up?
    *cubepoints or something similar
    *MyArcade Plugin – I wanna have a place where people can play flash games also – so I would put around 100-1000 games to play on my site..

    and probly more plugins but I’m still scoping things out.. I wrote the arcade games site I wanna incorporte into my site asking how much space their games take but I haven’t got a responce yet.
    So lets say I don’t have games on my site but later..
    I’m confused about mulitsite hosting also, a networking site i read needs mulitsite Ability, I’m not sure if I have that right now or not because I dont understand lol.. So can someone give some ideas of hosting that I would need.. like:
    windowns or linux?
    I’ve only had experience with cpanel if that makes sence..Sorry I’m asking to many questions and I just wanna make my first step and learn hands on from their.. I just don’t want my first step to be the wrong hosting right from the start.. Thanks everyone and I have read alot of support pages here, I just couldnt’ find any about hosting..

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  • Ben Hansen


    Depends on your traffic levels but probably you want to get off of shared hosting and move to at least vps. If you had multisite, you’d know it believe me upgrading to that is not typically difficult but i would move your hosting first. Personally i would never use windows hosting for wordpress (or any other time i had a choice).

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