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Question about members page

  • Alessandro Fazzi


    Hi folks, hi Andy,

    one week ago I’ve updated my WPMU+BP install to BP rev539 after a quite long period without updating; I’ve noticed that the member’s profile now is under even if I have a subdomains WPMU install. It works very well and I approve the update, but old profile at still lies there; so at the moment I have in my DB a number of wpxxx ex-profiles’ tables plus the new wp_user_xxx that handle activity. If I go to an old prifile’s URL (for example it seems to be dead…

    My question is: how could I treat these old abandoned profiles? Could I delete them? Because at the moment seems that they are only making that subdomain busy and anything else…but I’m not sure about this.

    Any help is welcome! Thanks!


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  • Alessandro Fazzi


    Nothing? :'(


    I just deleted the subdomains that were created with the old system. Then I just put the following in my wp-config.php for WPMU:

    define( 'NOBLOGREDIRECT', '' );

    That of course needs to be changed to your domain. What that does is take any random requests (in this case old reference requests) and sends them back to my main domain page. This also makes it so you don’t get the fancy signup page for random domains you are trying to register through the address and have to do it through your wp-signup.php page.

    Since most registration works better for me through the main buddypress theme signup page, this change didn’t bother me at all. Plus it stopped all the requests giving errors or “signup pages” that came from the old URL’s.

    Something to think about…


    Alessandro Fazzi


    Thank you very much Trent!

    I’ve deleted old subdomains and…mpf…some user’s avatars with them! :( Is changed the location where avatars are saved; now I’ve figured out that is under the upload dir of the main blog (ID=1) in the /files/avatars/ subdir.

    It’s a pity to notice this in late… ^^’



    Yeah, the avatar storage method changed a little while back so existing users will likely need to re-upload their avatar.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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