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Question about registration process

  • fsr678


    Hi I have buddypress installed in a multisite with bp running on my 2nd blog (configured alternate bp root blog in wp-config).

    1. Is it possible to have a per site registration form if running bp?

    2. Related to 1 above, if I want to allow per site registration (if 1 is possible), do I have to have a bp compliant theme on these other sites where I want to allow per site registration? I do not need to show bp content on these other sites. Just need a separate registration form.

    3. Right now, if I click Register from the top bar, it take me to the registration page on the bp blog, which I think is the correct behavior. However, if I click Register from the popup login form while on the non-bp blog, it seems to go into a loop and just redirects me back to the login form. I think it is supposed to redirect me to the bp sign up page but it isn’t doing that. (Note: if I click register from the popup login form while I am on the bp blog, then it works correctly and takes me to the registratio page). Could this be because I have bp running on a secondary blog? or because the theme on the non-bp blog is not bp compliant?

    I love this plugin but am having a heck of time trying to get my head around how the registration works. Thank you!

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