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Questions about finding plugin status on bp site

  • jsibley


    I’m not sure if this is where to ask this (let me know if there is a more appropriate group) but I have some questions about the status of plugins. Where can I see:

    – the most recent version of bp the plugin is known to work with. I see WordPress versions and I can tell it’s a bp version if I see 1.5.1, but eitherr som plugins don’t show the bp version or it’s not labeled clearly enough for me

    – the most recent date a plugin was updated, to have an idea how actively the plugin is maintained

    – Status updates on when a developer expects their plugin to be ready for the current version

    I think it would also be helpful to filter a list of plugins known to work with a given version. Is using 1.5.1 in the search box going to be effective for that?

    As someone new to bp and trying to figure out which modules to use, this would all be helpful. I assume it would also help when deciding when to upgrade a bp site.

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  • r-a-y


    WordPress plugin pages usually show the compatibility version as set by the plugin author.

    Recent date can be viewed by clicking on the “Development log” link on the plugin page’s right sidebar.
    eg. (view the right hand sidebar for the link)

    For status updates, you’ll have to either:
    – post on the plugin’s support forum
    – find the author’s website / Twitter account and ping that person.

    For plugin compatibility, check out this codex page: (this might need to be updated)



    Might there be a way to reming bp plugin authors to make sure they have a bp version listed on the wp site and that it is up to date?

    Also, I think “might” need to be updated for the codex page is a bit of an understatement. I realize that everyone is juggling a lot, but it creates a lot of confusion for new users when plugin information is missing or inaccurate.

    We should kill that page

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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