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Questions about groups.

  • ilya-skorik


    1. Whether it is possible to assign more than one administrator in group? Conveniently when in the big groups some admins.

    2. How to delegate administration the rights of group to other user? I have created group and I would want that other user was its admin.

    3. Can I restrict rights to groups creation for users, I do not want that all users could create superfluous groups?

    4. Сan create public group, but with restricted join, accepted by the group admin? Public groups into which it would be possible to join only after approval by admins are necessary to me.

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  • enlightenmental1


    1.) yes, the group admin can add other admin/moderator and ban users

    2.) they need to join your group, then under group memebrs you can add them as an admin/moderator

    3.) this is possible yes, I accomplished this by adding <?PHP if is admin ?> into the bp-core to hide the create group button from non-admins (your community will want the ability to add groups though)

    4.) you can create “private groups” that are visible to everyone, but you can only join if you’re accepted…

    why don’t you create a couple different types of groups, then you’ll see all the features/abilities they have



    1. Where I can do this? I go to Some Group->Admin->Manage Members. I see only ” Promote to Moderator” and “Demote to Member” options. Moderator != Administrator.

    3. But I want allow group creation for some power users, how?

    4. But for private groups – “Group content and activity will only be visible to members of the group.” I don’t want this.

    I want “Group content and activity will be visible to any site member.”+”Only users who request membership and are accepted can join the group.”

    Can I do this?



    1.) adding someone as a moderator is the same as admin pretty much

    3.) BP is not currently setup to do this, one way to accomplish this though, instead of doing <?PHP if is admin?> to create groups, do <?PHP if user is level X ?> then you can manually select users and make them authors or contributors… then they would have the power to create groups. this would also give them power to create blog posts on the main blog, so you may not want them to have that power.

    hopefully in the future, BP will have more control over giving users authority levels and what not…

    4.) bp is not setup to do this either yet. you would need to modify the core to allow that content to be displayed to non-members

    everything you want IS possible, but would require some modifications to the core of buddypress. and this is not suggested



    1. The right answer will be – no! Because in 1.0 version I cannot delegate the administrator to other member of group. Or appoint many admins.

    3. Thank you, with diggings in source-code this is possible.

    4. The right answer will be – no!

    Forgive if I am too importunate. But these possibilities are necessary for use BP with mine community, which now work on phpbb3 engine.

    And where it is possible to leave the demand for implementation of these possibilities in the nearest versions? It seems to me that they are very important things.



    feature requests thread =>

    post requests there


    Ilya is correct about not having the ability to delegate.admin powers to a moderator. This is a very crucial issue. In a large community, people come and go. Their interests and time change. So say someone creates a group. They by default become an administrator. That means they are the only one to have the following powers in a group:

    • Group Settings
      Group Avatar
      Manage Members (i.e. bump them to moderators)
      Delete Group

    So if we play out this scenario, and the administrator has fallen off the radar, the group settings from public to private to hidden cannot be changed except by the Buddypress site admin. The Buddypress site admin can elevate members to moderators but they CANNOT add an adminstrator, as far as I can determine. The Buddypress site admin can delete the group but the only way to “delegate” administrator powers would be to follow this scenario:
    Appoint a moderator willing to take over. Have them create a new group, and then do a mass invite to join that new group via a news post or a friends invite.

    Can a administrator be changed at the db level? Not sure.

    What about asking the group administrator to exercise their option to ‘leave a group?’ I have no idea what that would do to the db and the Buddypress system. I’m hoping Andy or Jeff might chime in here on this odd possible outcome.


    Jeff Sayre



    The ability to promote a group member to admin is in the works for version 1.1!

    See the BP roadmap:

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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