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Questions about upcoming 1.5 version

  • Hi

    Could someone please help me with some questions I have dealing with the upcoming 1.5 version:

    1. Since it is jumping versions, it seems to be a huge upgrade. I was wondering if there is ANY benefit in installing BP 1.5 on a fresh installation or is upgrading 1.2 via dashboard 100% the same?

    2. I notice that the codex’s instructions on the custom child theme does not apply to 1.5. Does that mean the child theme will break? I find this ironic because it stated that this method is the way to go to future proof your design.

    3. How are rollbacks usually done? I’ve been working on a BP project for the first time so I’m happy this upgrade is happening soon so I can learn it. Say you upgrade to 1.5 and things break, how do you go back to 1.2.10?

    Appreciate your time and help. Thanks.

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  • Also… I just wanted to comment that it would be really nice if the documentation for Buddypress is more organized. Currently there is information about 1.5 mixed in with 1.2 and even earlier. Is it that difficult to separate major versions and keep it organized?

    I came across an article in the codex talking about enqueued CSS, with lines of complex code including instructions to update a variable when changes are made to bust cache.

    I am sitting here waiting for some answers without working any further on this project, thinking to myself WTF does enqueue stylesheet and bust cache mean, I cannot even get comprehensible answers googling them, and hoping that I did not waste numerous hours working on a pre-1.5 project powered by BP.

    i do appreciate all the hard work put into BP, but just because it is open source doesn’t mean there is no need for any logic behind it. Obviously there is no expectation for serious projects to use it out-of-the-box with the default theme and default components, so in my opinion, it is essential to explain to your users what the next version means and what needs to done for a smooth transition. Instead of publishing several articles about an unreleased version, perhaps it would have been wiser to have done that instead. If I had the knowledge, I would have gladly offered that.

    I really hope I don’t move to another platform as I love WP and really liked BP’s usability when doing my research.

    There’s no end difference between installing and upgrading. Existing child themes should continue to work, as should those guidelines on the codex. It’s possible someone updated the codex incorrectly, or for an earlier beta version where we fiddled with child theme style sheets a bit (and then added more compatibility code in). Feel free to update the instructions; log in to wp-admin on the codex site and find/edit the Page.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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