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Queuing group creation until XX amount of members join?

  • I’ve considered blocking group creation to admins but this would only stifle a community; if members are unable to create their own area. But I also want to avoid numerous small groups (lets say <25) or a group that becomes stale with no interest with a lack of members.

    Essentially the process would be standard :: create a group (public, private, hidden), avatar, description, send invites :: but all other items (extensions of a group, forum, updates, etc) are suspended until the group member number hits a threshold. (admins can override, displayed in a different group filter to find pending groups)

    Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with BuddyPress coding – is this possible to hook into setting some sort of bp_groups_groupmeta?

    (think i’ve spent too many years moderating a large forum where you can’t always trust the members)

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