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Random errors disclosed when i added Invite Friends Plugin

  • dutchmastiff


    invitefriends-plug-in, i installed this and after like an hour or two, my dashboard started to have widgets missing , then it went blank, and then a hour later i lost my appearance page completly i started to delete plugins the first one i deleted was invitefriends-plug-in and my site went back to normal. Only other plugins i have installed are facebook connect and wp-cumulus. I have installed other plugins and have gotten a white out screen i dont know if its because the plugins havent been updated to 1.01 yet but i would love to know what plugins work and which ones dont and what known plugin confilcts are? and what and where i can find wp plugins that work on wmpu and buddypress and if their is a site with wmpu specific plugins that will work with WPMU 2.7 and buddypress 1.01.

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  • Jeff Sayre


    First off, if you suspect or actually know that a given plugin is causing issues, you should contact the plugin developer and ask them. They may be aware of the issue and already have a new version in the works, or they may not be aware of any issues and thankful for the report.

    Second, concerning an official listing of BuddyPress plugins, you can either find them here or search the WordPress plugin repository for the tag word “BuddyPress”. On the repository page for a given plugin, it will tell you on which versions of WPMU and BuddyPress the plugin has been tested.

    Finally, as far as a listing of plugin conflicts, I do not know of any. You can search the forums here and find various threads indicating potential conflicts. But, since all the plugins are developed by 3rd-party sources, it is up to the users to figure such things out–with the help of forums such as this, of course!

    Giovanni Caputo


    i am working to solve this problem!


    waiting few days

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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