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Rank n00b – Is there a tututorial for *after* it’s installed? BBPress especially….

  • Marie


    I am having trouble locating *anything* to do with BBPress.I’ve tried under editor, but cannot find the admin file I need [/bb-admin/].I downloaded the admin panel plug-in to add this to my admin panel,but I need to add that code somewhere.

    I [think] I have the integrated (not standalone) version.

    Sorry to be such a newbie, but I have really really really tried reading everything and the only tutorials I can find explain how to install BP if you don’t have a host that has a one-button config (as I do). I really can’t figure out *anything* about how it should work. I am using the TwentyTen Theme *for* BuddyPress. I get the little black bar with the drop-down menu, but I don’t see anything on my nav bar menu that has “Groups” “Boards” or anything like that. Arrrgghhh! I’m trying to run it on WP 3.0

    Please help before I lose any more sleep, and possibly more hair??? [grin]

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  • r-a-y


    There is no bbPress admin panel when using bbPress for BuddyPress.

    First of all, I should let you know that BuddyPress is not a forum script, it’s a social networking plugin. If you’re expecting a forum, then you might want to use something else like Simple:Press.

    Forums in BuddyPress follows a concept called “Groups“. You need to create a group to create a discussion forum. This is similar to how Facebook’s fan pages operate. Administration settings for forums are handled by group administrators and moderators.

    The second thing you need to do is login to the WordPress dashboard, navigate to “BuddyPress > Forums setup” and setup forums.

    Now you can create a group and enable a discussion forum.

    The BP team here needs to write a codex article for people new to BuddyPress, so thanks for reminding us.




    First of all, I love you! Thank you! There is no worse feeling than the feeling that you have totally and completely lost it! LOL
    Secondly, this is the “admin panel” I was referring to:
    Thirdly, “Groups” I see & I think even *I* can figure *that* out….I thought it was groups *AND* discussion boards in BuddyPress (d’oh!)
    Fourthly, and the reason I love you beside the fact you responded (and so quickly….was it the abject desperation in my “voice?”) is the Simple Press. Read some about it (here, thank you all!!),but with your explanation of #3, I understand it now….and because you gave me validation by saying there is a need for a codex for “code-monkey widows” (hubby is a programmer, but sadly, no osmosis yet….and after 20 years, too!)

    Thank you!
    M. :)

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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