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re-purposing mu/buddypress to act more like classic wordpress

  • Hiya, I would love to use some of the BuddyPress functionality with classic WordPress rather than MU though since that’s not currently a possibility I’m hoping to re-purpose MU a little bit. Rather than my users getting their own blog I’d simply like them to become members of the core blog and contribute posts which I believe to be possible.

    Question. The Blogs component of BuddyPress – does this only “allow the search and aggregation of blogs, posts and comments for any site member” for separate member blogs or does this also include posts/comments of core MU blog members?

    Has anyone else tried to re-purpose MU to act more like classic WordPress with Buddypress? If so – be interested to hear from you and what you’ve achieved.



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  • gogoplata


    It works for the main blog too, thought the search function isn’t all that useful given there would only be a single blog but all the other functions work with the main blog.

    All you’d need to do to get this setup is to change the default role for the main blog from subscriber to contributor and disable blog registration. Also, you may want to hack at the code to remove things such as the blog directory, the list of user blogs, etc. but this is optional.

    Mike Pratt


    I have done exactly what you are talking about at I set default role to Author, turned off new blog creation, and then modified menus as nec to remove personal blog options (so as not to confuse). I also renamed the News menu item to Blog. Now everyone contributes posts to a “central” blog. So far so good. Of course, this could all backfire after launch :-)

    Many thanks for your replies. I’ve progressed a bit now with the site.

    @gogoplata “All you’d need to do to get this setup is to change the default role for the main blog from subscriber to contributor” – I know this is possible on classic WordPress though strangely I cannot find this option in either: /wp-admin/wpmu-users.php or /wp-admin/users.php ~ any ideas?




    Try changing default role here ( and here ( to “contributor” then do a test registration to see if the new user is a contributor or subscriber.

    If that doesn’t work in wp-includeswpmu-functions.php change this:

    add_user_to_blog(‘1’, $user_id, ‘subscriber’);

    to this:

    add_user_to_blog(‘1’, $user_id, ‘author’);

    That should take care of all future signups, however existing users will be unchanged. If you don’t have too many users yet you can simply manually change them to authors, however, if you have a lot of signups check out this thread for a way to mass add users as authors.

    Thanks :) wp-admin/options.php sorted it.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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