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ReActivating Buddypress after a DeActivation Getting White Screen for Dashboard Only

  • stoi2m1


    WPMU 2.9.2/BP1.2.3

    I deactivated buddypress so I could try and trouble shoot why I was having a signup issues. My origional theme was having an issue so I switched to the default theme. Which also had the issue. So I was going to try just WPMU all by itself. Which does work. When I tried to reactivate Buddypress and get a white screen.

    I then backup all of my plugins from both the plugin folder and the mu-plugins folder. Once I did that I deleted all of the plugins and tried to reactivate Buddypress. Still getting the white screen. I then deleted that copy of buddypress and downloaded a fresh copy of 1.2.3 from the Trac and tried to activate it again. Im still gettting the white screen.

    I have looked in my error logs and there are no recent errors from PHP.

    Can anyone point me in another direction to try?


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  • stoi2m1


    After much effort to restore the site. I eventually made a backup of the database and installed it into a testdatabase on the same server.

    I then updated WPMU to WP 3.0.1 and Buddypress 1.2.6.. Once I completed that I was able to successfully activate Buddypress.

    Now my issue is with images links. All of my avatars and images are not displaying. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks…

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