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Read birthdays from wp_bp_xprofile_data table

  • I installed the TDLC birthdays plugin.. created a birthday field in profile as the plugin suggest.. now the type of the birthday field in profile is DATEBOX..

    Now i want to read the birthdays of the members from this table wp_bp_xprofile_data.. bt the value stored is something like 457315200.. the corresponding birthday in the profile of this member is June 29, 1984..

    Now how do I read/convert this value 457315200 into the date format DDMMYYYY..

    It would be great if someone could help me resolve this mystery.. :(

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  • Hello,

    this might help
    $date = date_create();
    echo date_format($date, ‘U = Y-m-d H:i:s’) . “n”;

    date_timestamp_set($date, 457315200);
    echo date_format($date, ‘U = d.m.Y’) . “n”;



    any one here to help me
    installed and activated plugin and in widget area it is asking to put Birthday field Name (or ID)

    from where i can get this ?

    and as said in plugin page Birthday field must have been previously created in the Buddypress profile page so i opened USERS >Profile Fields >Add New Field

    here i user date selector to create it and after that in registration page user have to put their date of birth .but from where i can get Birthday field Name (or ID) please help .Thankyou

    @praveshraheja, whatever you Name the field that you use date selector to create is your birthday field name. e.g Birthday or Your Date of birth.

    Note: The field must be exactly as you name it


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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