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“Read More” button in activity comments is not working

  • Berkinka



    I am using latest WordPress and Buddypress softwares. Since i install buddypress, i have a problem. When someone writes a long comment in activity, “Read More” link doesn’t work. When clicked on it, its class changes to “loading” but nothing happens. The “Read More” button which located on activity content is working, but it is not working on activity comments.

    My website is My website is Turkish so you can see “Read More” button as a “Devamini Oku”

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  • danbp


    You have to debug and for this, use a Twenty theme. Read more use ajax and can generate conflict with outdated theme or plugins, or simply not updated js files.

    Actually there is a little JS notice:
    OneSignal: Could not load iFrame with URL Please check that your 'subdomainName' matches that on your OneSignal Chrome platform settings. Also please check that your Site URL on your Chrome platform settings is a valid reachable URL pointing to your site.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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