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Ready made blogs, friends not adding and that ‘your’ issue

  • 1. A ready set up blog is now not associated with its rightful owner since putting BP on… Need to find out how to get her back in touch with it. Luckily it was the only one already set up thats needed. Just deleted the others…

    2. Trying to add her as a friend and it just sits there doing nothing. Just says ‘working’ but isnt… Have I missed a chmodd somewhere?

    3. it says, member updated the “Basic” information on ***your*** profile.

    I love this site and I am so pleased with everything thats happening here THANK YOU!!!

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  • Ok I did a complete new set up and the blogs are linking beautifully as long as they sign direct into the ready made blogs they had and go from there :)

    It isnt showing any members on the front page although I know there are some filled in their home base details.

    It is expecting to be a top level site and so some links are wrong and I am having a job fixing them :(

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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