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Real time activity feed that updates the old activities

  • webshik


    Hi there,

    Is there a plugin that anyone knows or a coding way that I would be able to display the buddypress activity feed which be able to update itself? I mean, now when someone at my website do action like update a post, the activity feed record this action, but if this user change the topic / date of this post or even if the user change his profile name / image – the activity feed still display the old record.
    I understand how it works like record the activity to a place to the DB and just print it, but does someone knows another different way to display a real time feed that updates the old feed?

    Also I need the activity feed to be flexible:
    display blog posts, buddypress activity, bbpress activity,
    admin customize like edit activity, delete, hide activity metas and filter.

    Please help.

    Thanks in advanced.

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  • Currently there is no such plugin. Introducing this feature is quite heavy for the server, so it’s more like a custom solution, ideally with websockets.

    We use heartbeat functionality, that gives ability to show a notification about new activity records, but there are no plans to actually update old records due to lots of technical issues and time availability (all BuddyPress core devs are volunteers).

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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