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Recent Posts Widget Bug?

  • I came up with that problem some time ago:

    Now I am Running Version 1.0 and it seems, that the problem occurs or is sometimes different…

    Some of the URL (Slugs?) in that widget point to the wrong Article. I don’t see a pattern or something. Burt mentioned in the other thread, that it must be something wrong with the slugs of the articles. But I don’t see that.

    Check out: “aktuelle Blogartikel”. Right now the first for entries have the wrong links.

    If I show those articles with a normal “loop”, the links are just fine.

    I found also that the recent-posts widget doesn’t show articles who are auto-published.

    (with future-dates set).

    Sorry, that I can’t be more specific… Any further ideas???

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  • Burt Adsit


    I noticed that the articles you are referring to are all about 3 months old. The article ‘

    Vogelhaus’ is a current article and seems to have the proper slug for the title. I don’t know how to tell if the slugs are right or not. People can change the title of a blog post and the slug will can remain the same.

    How do I tell if the links are wrong?

    I recently just recreated my site and didn’t want all the old ‘recent blog posts’ on the site anymore except some selected ones. I just wiped the recent posts table and the recent comments tables. For the post I wanted to be ‘recent’ again I pulled them up and saved them. That triggers an entry in the recent blog posts table. If you’ve got some trash in there then you may have to resort to that method.

    Thanks, Burt.

    The wrong-links behind the articles in the widget are older – right. But the correct links should point to the current articles (which are only a couple hours, days old – all of them). The wrong links point to totally different blogs (not those which the articles are written in).

    Maybe I don’t get it, but why does it happen? Vogelhaus works just fine. I don’t see any connection. It just occurs from time to time…

    Ps: recent_posts table… can I check there something to see if something is messed up?

    Do you have any idea about the scheduled articles. It does not show them. That seems to me like a bug…

    Or: Is there a possibilty to have the same effect as the widget (Athor, Blog, Excerpt etc), but not using the widget but hardcode it? Maybe that would work…

    Thanks again…

    Burt Adsit


    Are these post with the wrong links all scheduled posts. Future posts? What is similar about each of the wrong posts? There has to be a similarity between all the posts with wrong links. Find the similarity and we can track down the problem. Without being able to reproduce it, there is no way to help.

    Burt Adsit


    Do the posts that are wrong come from the same blog? Does that blog have a different permalink structure than the other blogs?

    None of the posts showing are scheduled posts – as I said, they do NOT appear here (although they should).

    All those blogs present in the widget have the same permalink-structure: /%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/

    From 5 posts showing three are from different blogs – all three have wrong links. Although one blog “redmounts” has 1 correct and 2 wrong links (as I said sometimes its right sometimes wrong – it’s not connected with a special blog).

    All the wrong links point to a different blog that the article should be in (so it’s not just the wrong article in the correct blog, but a totally different article in totally different blog).

    One thing that could possibly be a source: In some blogs the Plugin “wp-o-matic” is active (a plugin that auto-posts from rss-feeds). BUT the plugin ist NOT installed in the blogs “42 Tage für meine Freunde konkret” and “madagaskar” which both have wrong links in the widget.

    Honestly – with the present wrong-linked-posts I don’t see a similarity…(and I thought about it alot…) not with the posts themselves…

    Thanks for your efforts…!

    I just tried deactivating the mentioned plugin in “redmountns” blog, re-posted all three articles, but the wrong links are still there in the widget….

    Burt Adsit


    Is that the standard recent posts widget being displayed or is it a template?


    Burt Adsit


    Tell you the truth Michael I don’t hear about others having this problem. It has to be something specific to your install.

    ok – thanks for your efforts…! I have two different installs, and both are acting that way. I guess it could have something to do with the mentioned plugins…

    Do you have any idea for me, how I could drop in some code to have the same effect as the widget? (sorry, I am a copy-paste-changer – not a coder…)

    Jeff Sayre



    The title of your thread says, “Recent Posts Widget Bug?”

    So, let’s again clarify. With exactly which widget are you seeing this behavior? The “Recent Blog Posts” widget, or the “Recent Post” widget?

    The former is a BuddyPress widget, the latter is a WPMU widget.

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